About Us

Global Airspace Solutions is an Australian based aviation consulting company located in Albury, New South Wales. We are specialists in Instrument Flight Procedure Design, Aeronautical Survey Charting and related training requirements for the aviation industry, with a focus on developing strong relationships with all our customers and industry stakeholders to provide industry best outcomes and solutions. Global Airspace Solutions has certification from the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) under the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 173 and ICAO recognition to design non-precision and precision approaches in Australia. Our team has a strong history in aviation. We have broad experience in Airlines, Military, General Aviation, Emergency Aviation Services, Aviation Project Management, Aircraft Performance Analysis, Survey/GIS and Air Traffic Control, in Australia and overseas. The team at Global Airspace Solutions offer a full range of Instrument Flight Procedure Design Services for regional aerodrome operators through to major international aerodromes.

Cheryl Preston


Graduate Certificate Aviation Safety & Risk Management
Lead Auditor Qualified 30 years Aviation Experience

Stirling Preston


45 years Professional Aviation Experience
Australian CASA Flight Test Examiner (All licenses and ratings)
ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Flight Procedure Designer Certificate
Aircraft Performance Analyst
Lead Auditor Qualified
CASA Approval to conduct flight checks of aerodrome lighting systems.

Bas Smeulders BSc

Chief Instrument Flight Procedure Designer / Instructor

ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Flight Procedure Designer Specialist
PANS-OPS Principal Instructor
Air Traffic Controller
25 years Professional Aviation Experience
Past member of  the following committees
– NATO – Airfield Service and Procedure Panel – Chairman
– NATO – Military Instrument Procedure Standardization Team
– Dutch PBN Task Force
– FABEC – CBA Land/Central West Airspace Design Working Group
– Eurocontrol – RNAV Approach implementation Support Group

Taryn Lloyd

Senior Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Flight Procedure Designer Specialist
Qantas Pilot
Degree in Aeronautical Engineering(UNSW)
Former Senior Flight Instrument Procedure Designer – RAAF AIS
Ex RAAF Pilot

Tamás Boldogh MSc

Senior Instrument Flight Procedure Designer

ICAO PANS-OPS Instrument Flight Procedure Designer
Air Traffic Controller
17 years Professional Aviation Experience