Global Airspace Solutions Pty Ltd offers services to the following sectors of the aviation industry:

1. Commercial Aircraft Operators

In this present age to obtain advantage, commercial operators will require optimised specific approach / departure (All engines operating SIDs and One Engine – Inoperative OEI – SIDs) procedures providing increased reliability, cost savings, and safety.

Global Airspace Solutions can provide airline operators with their instrument approach periodic review worldwide.

3. Military Operators

As a Military Aircraft Operator, you need to be responsive to changing design criteria creating out of date procedures. Global Airspace Solutions can help update or revise your present procedures. (Including Cat E Operations)

2. Airport Operators

As the operator of a regional or major city domestic and international airport your asset needs to support your community by providing infrastructure that includes the most recent GNSS – Based Instrument Approach / Departure procedures, enabling local business and the community at large a reliable, efficient and safe transport operation.

4. Government Civil Aviation Services

Civil Aviation Service Departments may from time to time be overloaded with procedures that require revision or total re-design as well as designing new procedures within a given time frame. Global Airspace Solutions can help to reduce your workload to a manageable level.