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Aerodrome & Approach Lighting Flight Check

Global Airspace Solutions has a CASA approved pilot, Stirling Preston, to conduct flight checks of aerodrome lighting systems.

CASA Approval Instrument Number  CASA.LOFLY.0245 РExpiry 31th October 2022.

Aerodrome and approach Flight Checks are required when:

  • Commissioning of new lighting systems;
  • Replacement of light fittings
  • Facility Upgrades
  • Changes to the Aerodrome Layout
  • Changes to traffic density

Flight checks include assessment of:

  • Fixtures and Support Structures
  • Intensity Control
  • Pilot Activated Lighting
  • Taxiway and Runway Lighting
  • Approach Lighting
  • PAPI / VASIS Lighting
  • Illuminated Wind Direction Indicators
  • Apron Floodlights
  • Obstacle Lighting
  • Lighting In the Vicinity of the Aerodrome

For Aerodrome Lighting System Flight Check bookings contact us on 02 6057 4488 or email;  admin@globalairspacesolutions.com